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Free survival manual - With the purchase of the 72 hour bugout bag or the 24 hour bugout bag

Prep for the Worst... Buy Your PrepReady™ Bug Out Bag Today.

It's not about IF an emergency will happen, it's about WHEN. Don't get caught unprepared. Seven2's exclusive PrepReady™ Emergency Survival and Bug Out Bags are organized, packed, and ready-to-go for a number of emergency situations.

The "Ultimate"

Premade PrepReady™ ULTIMATE Bug Out Bag

The Seven2 PrepReady™ ULTIMATE Bug Out Bag (BOB) is the bag that will sustain you in just about any situation for a minimum of 72 hours:

  • 295+ pieces
  • Food and water for at least 72 hours
  • Built-in hydration kit
  • Medical supplies & survival tools
  • Full-size tactical bag included

The "24 Hour"

Premade PrepReady™ 24 HOUR Get Home Bag

The Seven2 PrepReady™ 24 HOUR Get Home Bag (get-home-bag) is packed with 24 hours of survival in mind:

  • 160+ pieces
  • Food & water for 24+ hours
  • Survival tools
  • First aid & medical supplies
  • Heavy-duty molle-compatible tactical bag

The "Emergency"

Premade PrepReady™ GET HOME Emergancy Bag

The Seven2 PrepReady™ GET HOME Emergency Bag is a portable survival kit designed to help you get home in the event of an emergency:

  • 70+ pieces
  • Easily stores at work or in your car
  • Includes emergency food ration
  • First aid & medical supplies
  • Compact molle-compatible tactical shoulder bag

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